Nitrous Oxide Systems


When real performance enthusiasts think of nitrous oxide installs, one company springs to mind Scott Performance. Only Scott Performance can provide a  wide assortment of systems for any application — just pick the power increase level you want, and Scott Performance will get you there with a complete kit, including all the plumbing, hardware, and electronics you need. We’re also your source for nitrous accessories like bottles, bottle brackets, blankets, injection nozzles, controllers and timers, and even illuminated purge valves for pure intimidation.

We are a nitrous fill station.


  • taps
  • fuel system tools

Nitrous add-ons;

  • add-a-stage nitrous kits
  • bottle heaters
  • pressure gauges
  • pressure regulator
  • programmable tps
  • purge kits & lights
  • racer’s tuning kit
  • remote valve opener
  • safety blow down kits
  • tc window switch

Nitrous components;

  • bottles & accessories
  • electrical components
  • fittings
  • nitrous management units
  • nitrous/fuel jets
  • nozzles
  • plates
  • steel braided hoses
  • solenoids & accessories

Fuel systems;

  • fuel fittings
  • fuel hoses
  • fuel line adapters
  • fuel pressure gauges
  • fuel pump kits
  • fuel system tools